Tuesday, October 04, 2016


I think Donald Trump just gave Democrats a gift:
Donald Trump announced that he will be live-tweeting the vice presidential debate between Sen. Tim Kaine (D-Va.) and Gov. Mike Pence (R-Ind.) on Tuesday evening....

We already know that Tim Kaine's strategy will be to challenge Mike Pence on ... well, pretty much every Trump word and deed of the past several decades. Pence's job is going to be presenting the coherent, focus-grouped GOP case against Hillary Clinton, the one that the presidential nominee would have been delivering for a year if Trump hadn't won. (If you have "emails," "Benghazi," or "Clinton Foundation" in tonight's drinking game, choose a designated driver now.) Kaine seems temperamentally less nasty than Pence -- but Kaine also has much juicier material to work with.

The Trump live-tweeting means that the debate probably won't be over when it's over. Many things Kaine says will probably get under Trump's paper-thin skin, and Trump could be reacting all night, and then for several days (and nights) afterward.

As a civic-minded individual, I realize I should hope for a sober debate about real issues -- and, yes, I would like there to be some substance. But I also want Trump sent into another synapse overload. So come on, Tim -- that's what your country needs you to accomplish tonight.


AllieG said...

An excellent preview except for one thing. I know Pence is dumb, but I bet the word "foundation" never crosses his lips tonight. Kaine's more likely to say it, as in "Hillary Clinton's foundation saved hundreds of thousands of children's lives and Donald Trump's foundation bought portraits of himself."

Warren Terra said...

There is a twitter account that retweets only those Tweets sent from Trump's account using an Android phone (@RealRealDonaldT), and this isn't one of them. It seems likely any real live-tweeting of the debate will be of market-tested lines tweeted by his staff, not by him himself.

Victor said...

If you're playing a drinking game tonight, never mind a d-d, watch the debate at a local hospital!

Mike "The Dence" Pence is dumber than dirt, so I'm sure they tried to get this dim/nit/half/fuck-wit to memorize just a few talking points to discus.
If they're lucky, he'll remember a few of the onesSteve mentioned.

If not, look for Pence to sing the "Daisy" song from "2001," or some nursery rhymes.
Or, of course, prayers!
Or, just break out into moronic gibberish.

Unknown said...

This is one of those times I can't help but think this really is kabuki and the Dumpster is just a plant by the Clinton campaign.