Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Another day, another round of "poor, poor Paul Ryan" stories:

Would it be hyperbolic to say that parts of the political press are more upset about Donald Trump's attacks on Paul Ryan than they ever were about his attacks on Mexicans and Muslims?

That's all. I just wanted to put that out there.


rclz said...

It's fun to watch the GOP eat it's own, even for the press? Or maybe that's just me. :)

Victor said...

Please, oh Great FSM, let Paul "Privatizin' & Lyin" Ryan lose this year - even it's to some pathetically moronic TeaBagger!

Maybe that'll knock some sense into our MSM - who consider this fucking twit to be some great policy "wonk," when, in fact, he's a standard conservative WANKER, gilding the same turd!!!!!

rclz said...

I do think when he first said his diatribe about Mexicans and Muslims that the clip was shown quite a bit, not that the MSM cares about those groups but showing the clip lets Trumps words speak for themselves to those republicans who aren't racists, and there are some, see his blatant bigotry front and center.

the thing I find more interesting is republicans who saw this and said Oh my I can't vote for him. Trump for the most part is just saying out loud everything the GOP has stood for since 1964.

Redleg said...

In my opinion, the real elephant in the room has been all the racist shit that Trump and his minions fling around. Most of the media just doesn't want to recognize that racial resentment plays a very large part in the political motivation of Trump supporters. A recent empirical study found that after party affiliation, racial resentment was the second biggest factor in predicting support for Trump. Racial resentment was more strongly correlated with support for Trump than was economic insecurity and several other factors that the media has used to discuss the motivation of Trump's supporters. There has been a good deal of research on Trump's supporters by competent political scientists so the racial resentment aspect should not be secret to anyone who pays attention.

Just this morning, the dolts on Morning Joe felt a need to lecture viewers about taking the concerns of the Trump supporters seriously. The gist was that coastal elites just don't have empathy for Trump supporters and this makes Trump supporters even more likely to support Trump. None of the regular Morning Joe crew wanted to address the issue of racial resentment, and when a guest brought it up, Joe and Mika looked like they had just gotten a serious case of the vapors.

I am also bothered by the media's false-equivalency between Hillary Clinton issues and Trump issues. For example, the new issue about the quid pro quo between State Department and FBI is assumed to be as bad for Hillary as Trump's conspiracy theory that the election are rigged is bad for Trump. Jeebus.

Anonymous said...

Redleg99, there isn't even any equivalency between Hillary's so called quid-pro-quo between State and FBI as debunked last evening by Rachel. The only result from the whole non-story is that a retired FBI agent will be investigated for his improvident remarks to the effect that 'if we give her email some labeling breaks maybe we might get more space in State's overseas embassies", or some such.

Jim Snyder said...

@Victor: amen, bro.

@rclz: I'm not yet a believer, but according to Sam Wang, as it is today, so was it in May (or whenever) when Trump clinched the nomination. (Speaking of the underlying preference distribution in the electorate, not the polls.)

Discouraging if so, but ... possible.

Achen's and Bartels' book Democracy for Realists is getting attention for preaching what I infer is a similar message. ("Infer" because I haven't read it yet.)

rclz said...

Jim it could be in the end they'll all go home again but even but even if they do Dems still have a natural advantage and I think we'll still win.. as long as we get out the vote.

Jim Snyder said...

@rclz: in the long run, demographic change combined with GOP bigotry will take down the GOP. They've made their bed, and it will not keep them warm in the years to come.

So what will they do? Go peacefully into the night? Or will they take matters into their own hands, and defend white privilege?

Asymmetric warfare is unpleasant for all concerned.

Jim Snyder said...

Good post by Boomnan at WaMo / Booman's place: Ryan is almost certainly no longer Speaker after the election.

I say "good post", of course, because Booman agrees with me. [/snark]

Raynd's defenestration cannot come too soon.

rclz said...

I still have no idea why Ryan let them talk him into the speakership, which anybody with half a brain could see was a losing proposition. Especially if you some day want the big chair and by all accounts he does. Maybe it was all about his ego, they certainly stroked enough telling him he was their only choice because he was sooo wonderful.

He was fooling himself if he ever thought his buds in the freedom caucus were going to be anything but same assholes they'd been to JB

Jim Snyder said...

@rclz: we all wondered. (Well, OK: I'm saying I couldn't grok the calculation either.)

The GOP these past ten+ years has been a Pale Fire sorta thing.

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