Tuesday, October 11, 2016


This ad is preposterous:

Donald Trump in a new campaign ad paints Hillary Clinton as unfit to protect the country, using footage of her stumbling into a van when she fell ill at a 9/11 memorial ceremony in New York.

After listing crises in the world, the spot cuts to footage of Clinton, the Democratic presidential nominee, falling while walking up stairs, coughing during her 11-hour testimony to the House Benghazi Committee, and stumbling as she was led into her van outside of the 9/11 event.

"Hillary Clinton failed every single time as secretary of State. Now she wants to be president," a narrator says over the footage.

"Hillary Clinton doesn't have the fortitude, strength or stamina to lead in our world. Don’t let her fail us again."
As I've listened to all the right-wing chatter about alleged Hillary health crises, I've assumed that Trump base voters see this largely as a question of Clintonian deceit -- they think she's covering up a bad medical history the way they think the Clintons cover up other problems in their lives. Either that or the base is chuckling at the thought that Clinton is progressing toward dementia or some form of physical incapacitation (or both), because it's fun to imagine your enemies helpless and weak.

But this ad suggests to me that Trump genuinely connects physical imperfection and imperfection of character. I'm sure the fans will love the ad because it shows Hillary stumbling and coughing, but I'm not sure the fans feel quite this way about Hillary -- they would despise her even if she were so healthy she hadn't needed to see a doctor in years. Whereas Trump -- and this ad really seems to be made to his exact specifications -- clearly believes everything he's saying about stamina being the source of a leader's superiority.

Well, that's in character, isn't it? He believes there's one physical ideal for women and is determined to share the purity of his essence only with those women who meet that ideal; he's repulsed by blacks on the floors of his casinos, and a Mexican-American judge, and Mexicans and Muslims in general; he's spent years in a blind rage at a beauty queen (Hispanic, of course) who gained a few pounds; he regularly touts the physical superiority of his daughter Ivanka (her breast size, her height), as he did on Howard Stern's show in 2006:
"She's actually always been very voluptuous," Trump responds. "She's tall, she's almost 6 feet tall and she's been, she's an amazing beauty."
Trump believes in a white, fit master race. Those who stumble and cough are not among the fittest, in his worldview.

I don't expect Clinton to lower herself by producing an ad that focuses on Trump's obesity, or the fact that he sniffled his way through two debates. She'll just content herself with the fact that she's so weak and frail she kicked his ass in both of those debates, and is now about to defeat him at the polls.


Victor said...

Be still, little people!

HeadOnAss has spoken.

KenRight said...

Steve M the master race hypocrite of the liberal canaille says of Trumpsters
"it's fun to imagine your enemies helpless and weak."
Like Killary having an orgasm in real time at her complicity at the
Khaddaffi killing?
Hypocrisy personified.


Kathy said...

KenWrong, your fantasy life is really twisted.

Victor said...

You need to see your Russian doctor.
Either you need less of some drugs, or more.

The New York Crank said...

Umm, about that sniffling Trump does during the debates: isn't that what cocaine addicts do because after they have a couple of strong lines of it, their noses start to run? And isn't it so that when they get a bit high they get excitable, and restless, and sometimes crazy, and act fearless?

Only asking.

Yours crankily,
The New York Crank

Nefer said...

"Trump -- clearly believes everything he's saying about stamina being the source of a leader's superiority."
And yet the giant tub of sagging orange lard can't stand upright without clutching a podium or a chair. Along with his wheezing, gasping, and sniffling, he is hardly the picture of Aryan studliness.

I guess that is where his narcissism kicks in, of course. In his mind, he is indeed a brutishly handsome blond stud muffin making the ladies moist and the menfolk jealous.

Steve M. said...

Steve M the master race hypocrite

Dude, I'm Italian. Nobody thinks we're the master race, even Italians.

Anonymous said...

I laugh, at the "superiority".

O'owlish Amenheh
(Ten Bears)

Plebeian said...

Flop Sweat Campaign, can it get any worse?

Silly question, of course it will, but how?

We are living in interesting times.

KenRight said...

Very Stalinesque the suggestion that Clinton's sadism is normative and better get in line with it.


Plebeian said...


Stalinesque and sadistic are not terms rational people use to describe Hillary. That is some pretty delusional thinking you got going there. In all seriousness, did you forget to take your meds today?

I have a feeling life is going to be pretty cruel to you in the next month or so. Get help.

Unknown said...

It's ironic that Clinton looked far healthier in the debates than Trump, who couldn't stop sniffing. He really should see somebody about that.

Never Ben Better said...

"Dude, I'm Italian...."

LOL Steve, thanks, I needed a laugh.

Dark Avenger said...

Nobody is going to think you're anything but cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs, Ken Fruit Hoops. Attribution of bizzare sexualities to the Enemy is a long-standing feature of American politics. Read Hofstader's The Paranoid Style in American Politics for more details.

Glennis said...

Hoo boy. KenRight's gone round the bend.

KenRight said...

Stalinesque defines the crowd here who wish to deride those who have Clinton's sadism pegged.
You're right Clinton could never be a Stalin; the military forces despise here
and would turn on her.

Jim Snyder said...

@SteveM: one vote here for permanently banning KenWhite.

The language is so odd I'd be willing to offer reasonable odds that he's a Russki operative.

"the master race hypocrite of the liberal canaille says of Trumpsters" ... this sentence was not written by an individual for whom English is the native language.

WTF is a "master race hypocrite"? WTF is "the liberal canaille"?!? WTF does "the liberal canaille" mean?

Writing like this isn't dishonest so much as it is incoherent. KenWhite might be insane, but I think it's more likely that KenWhite is a non-native English speaker who prides himself on his mastery of English, without being aware that his writing is anything but colloquial.

@KenWhite: srsly, d00d, wherever you learned English, your paymasters neglected to inform you that "canaille" isn't part of the living language. The use of archaisms gives you away.