Monday, October 03, 2016


Plugging his (rough estimate) eight thousandth book denouncing Hillary Clinton as the Antichrist, Ed Klein takes to Breitbart to tell us once again why a vote for Clinton will end civilization as we know it:
Behind the scenes, she is often totally out of control -- screaming and sometimes even physically attacking people, including her husband and campaign workers.
Hillary’s combative behavior is nothing new; she’s been that way all her life. For my 2005 book The Truth About Hillary, I interviewed Hillary’s grammar school classmate, Jim Yrigoyen, who told me the story of being ordered by Hillary to guard a warren of baby rabbits, and not give any of them away to neighborhood boys. When he did, recalled Yrigoyen, “Hillary hauled off and punched me in the nose.”
This was when she was in the fifth grade. She hit a kid in the fifth grade! She's a witch! Burn her! Klein neglects to add that, according that 2005 book of his, Yrigoyen and Hillary were going steady at the time -- and continued to go steady even after the punch.

What else you got, Ed? This:
For as long as her friends have known her -- going back to her days at Wellesley College in the 1960s -- Hillary has sworn like a drunken sailor. Here are some choice examples from well-researched books on Hillary’s vulgar mouth:

* From Inside, by former Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare Joseph Califano: “You sold out, you motherf---r!”

* From Unlimited Access, by FBI Agent in Charge Gary Aldrich: “Stay the f--k back, stay the f--k away from me!”

* From First Family Detail, by Ronald Kessler: “Good morning, ma’am,” a uninformed Secret Service officer once greeted Hillary. “F--k off!” she replied.

* From The Truth About Hillary, by Edward Klein: “Where’s the miserable c---r [referring to her husband]?”
Hmmm ... four anecdotes from four books -- three of them by right-wing operatives. Joseph Califano wasn't a right-wing operative, and he does recount a moment when a young Hillary denounced him with an expletive -- but he goes on to say that two and a half years later she applied for a job at his law firm, and even though he recognized her as the angry demonstrator, he offered her the job.

Klein provides what he says is a quote from a worker on Clinton current campaign who alleges verbal and physical abuse; the campaign worker is, of course, unnamed.

Klein sums his case up this way:
Sometimes, when she gets worked up, Hillary grabs a handful of her hair and in an odd mannerism that her friends describe, she yanks at the hair so hard that it looks as though she is trying to pull it out.

Did you ever hear of Donald Trump trying to pull out his hair?

Did you ever hear of Donald Trump screaming at campaign workers?

Did you ever hear of Donald Trump physically attacking someone?

Did you ever hear of Donald Trump using curse words in practically every sentence?

Hillary does all those things.

Does that sound like a woman who has the temperament to be president of the United States?
Let's see: Trump has several times been accused of rape, including child rape and rape of his own wife. He's been accused of sexual harassment, most recently by a number of people connected to The Apprentice, as reported today by AP. He's not personally a tough guy, but he has urged supporters to respond to protesters with violence on a number of occasions.

And, um, language?

But Trump is male, so it's cool, right?


Feud Turgidson said...

Ed Klein? Roll The Video. From the Al Franken Show:

Part 1:
Part 2:

This is, of course, Good News ... for Lawrence O'Donnell. He loves any excuse to have on Senator Al, or even just to Roll The Video.

JosephP said...

I was just going to post the links that Mr. Turgidson posted above!

They are great. Klein is caught red-handed by Franken manipulating quotes in his book in order to make Hillary look bad.

No one will believe a word Klein writes about Hillary after viewing this.

Victor said...

Oh yes they will!

His loyal t-RUMPeteers will gobble-up this bullshit, and ask for more.

Rational people...
Not so much.

GrrlGeek1972 said...

"But it's okay because Trump is male."

Doesn't that pretty much sum up the entire reason Hillary isn't ahead by 80 points?

As a woman who worked in a macho male corporate environment, where the f-bomb was generally used as a comma, I was regularly tsk-tsked at for using it. The atmosphere resembled that of a toxic male gym locker room, but heaven forfend if a giiiirrrrrrl dropped an f-bomb.

I could give a fuck if Hillary knows how to swear like a sailor.

Yastreblyansky said...

@Feud, that Franken video is stunning. Does he do that stuff in Senate hearings?

Yastreblyansky said...

@GrrlGeek I wouldn't mind if she didn't swear like a sailor but I'm kind of glad she does. That badass side is her best as far as I'm concerned, I wish she'd show it more. Wouldn't get her any votes from the New York Times staff. but maybe it would bring out some of those Rust Belt nonvoters.

Unknown said...

My wife will call you a motherfucker at the drop of a hat.
But not at work, she's an elementary principal.
Like Hillary, she's aware of what's an appropriate time & place…

Anonymous said...

Did you ever hear of Donald Trump trying to pull out his hair?

Does "scalp reduction surgery" count?