Thursday, April 30, 2015


So the crazies are being crazy again:
... This week, members of the conservative fringe [have] apparently become convinced that the army is holding a large training exercise in the American southwest in order to prepare the ground for a federal government takeover of Texas....
Yes, they really believe the U.S. military would seize control of the Lone Star State -- and the governor of Texas is effectively telling them that their fears are legitimate:
Gov. Greg Abbott on Tuesday ordered the Texas State Guard to monitor federal military exercises in the state, responding to citizen fears, stoked by online conspiracy theories, that the maneuvers are a ruse to impose martial law.

Operation Jade Helm 15 is a large-scale training operation scheduled for elite military forces, such as the Navy SEALS and Green Berets. The operation will involve about 1,200 personnel operating in Southwestern states including Texas from July 15 to Sept. 15.

Fears about the exercise have roiled for weeks online. Several websites, videos and Twitter users have argued that it is really a federal takeover of hostile states, including the confiscation of guns.

To address those concerns, Abbott instructed Maj. Gen. Gerald “Jake” Betty, commander of the Texas State Guard, to keep a watch over the exercises and help keep local law enforcement agencies and their citizens informed....
What exactly do these folks fear? Salon quotes the site of a radio host named Dave Hodges, where it's predicted that there'll be targeted assassinations of True Patriots, after the population has been trapped and subdued:
In recent days, I have learned that the reason that we are seeing Jade Helm activity in so many areas and we are also witnessing the prepositioning of massive military equipment, is because Jade Helm forces will isolate certain geographic areas, thus trapping a segment of the population and keep them from fleeing to other areas. The second part of Phase III of the Jade Helm operation will be the insertion of Special Forces death squads among the civilian population which will target key dissident leaders.
Oh, but it gets worse. Elsewhere at the Hodges site, we're told that Jade Helm is the U.S. government's plan to let jihadists into America, as part of the Obama administration's War on Christianity:

... Obama Is Playing for the Other Side

The lack of inaction against ISIS parallels his excessively weak nuclear treaty with Iran which will ultimately allow the Iranians to gain the ability to launch nuclear weapons against Israel. Obama is allowing Iran to send weapons to Yemen....

Americans Should Fear Obama

... As I have reported in the past, the President’s half brother, Malik Obama, is involved and is a leader in the distribution of arms both in Gaza and in Central America. Malik Obama is in charge of weapons procurement and finances for the Muslim Brotherhood. President Obama has never disavowed his half brother’s actions.

In fact, Obama has been fermenting a Muslim Brotherhood takeover of the White House....

Jade Helm In the Hands of Obama Is a Christian Genocide In the Making

Jade Helm is about dissident extractions. We have seen here, that the Obama administration considers Christians to be domestic terrorists. The Jade Helm infiltration techniques, planned to be implemented and spoken of by Jade Helm authorities, speak to the existence of death squads and the intention to use them. Jade Helm is about martial law and mass relocation. Given Obama’s past behavior toward Christians, all people of faith should fear for their lives. This administration has drawn a clear line in the sand against Christians.
Elsewhere, Hodges links Jade Helm to the recent claim by Judicial Watch that there's an ISIS training camp in Mexico a few miles from El Paso. The Judicial Watch report said ISIS is working with Mexican drug cartels; Hodges goes further, seeing a vast conspiracy involving ISIS, the Mexican police and military, Mexican and Peruvian drug cartels, and, for good measure, the DEA.

Or perhaps the truth is in an alternate theory about Jade Helm, found at the site Before It's News:
... Jade Helm just might be preparation for a threat from Russia.

After all the Chechen parliament has just threatened the US that if we arm Ukraine they will retaliate by arming Mexico so it can gain back land we purchased from them in the Treaty of Guadalupe....

Now here is the kicker, the land that our government is reportedly running the Jade Helm Drills on, just so happens to be the same land that Mexico would be targeting in the event the Russians armed them and we gave arms to Ukraine!
Don't laugh -- your Fox-watching uncle probably believes a great deal of this.

And one of our two major parties is so afraid of conspiratorialists like this that it takes them seriously. That's what's frightening.


Victor said...

I think the water outside the cities in Texas needs to be tested for LSD, or other hallucinogens.

The new Secesh in Texas had better be careful, or they might get exactly what they ask for.
Maybe this training session is a cover for the US government pulling-up the border guards from along the Mexican border, and moving them to separate Texas from the rest of us.
Then, we can say to them, "Ok, you got what you wanted. A secure border - only it's to keep YOU out of the rest of America, you loons!

Good luck!
Because the rest of he country - especially the Blue States - are leaving you alone.
It's what you wanted, right?
Have fun!

PS: We'll be setting up airlifts for the more Blue areas, kind of like we did with Berlin.

Of course, I'm just kidding.
I am, aren't I?
Yeah, I am.
I think...

Never Ben Better said...

I do try to feel pity for the people immersed in these fever swamps of fear -- after all, it must be horrible to live in terror all the time -- but I just can't. They're just too ludicrous, and they vote.

Tom Hilton said...

Times like this I almost wish the wingnuts' worst nightmares were true, and the Feds really were rounding them up and sending them to FEMA camps.

John Taylor said...

I thought I had heard just about everything. This is a new level of crazy.

Glennis said...

The lack of inaction against ISIS

Their logic is as impeccable as their proof-reading.

Glennis said...

Obama has been fermenting a Muslim Brotherhood

Wine or kim-chee?

mlbxxxxxx said...

It's like living in a B movie called, Parody is Dead.

Chai T. Ch'uan said...

Goddamn, at times like this I miss Molly Ivins something fierce.

BKT said...

Most of my extended family lives in Texas, and yes, I do have an uncle who forwards every crackpot Conservative email he gets. I have no doubt that he totally believes this is happening.