Friday, April 03, 2015


Ed Kilgore gives us a brain-teaser:
How Can Republicans Out-Do Scott Walker’s “Day One” Pledge on the Iran Nuke Deal?

Here’s a puzzler for you: we all know the next week will feature a competition among the 35 or 52 or however many Republicans are considering a 2016 presidential run as to who can say the most irresponsible things about the multilateral nuclear deal with Iran that just got a big step closer to reality yesterday. But how are they going to outdo Scott Walker’s pledge, initially made last week and then repeated like a terroristic threat, that he’d blow up any such deal on his first day as president? I mean, I guess someone could say they’d shout insults at Tehran during their Election Night victory party, or during their nomination acceptance speech call on the Israelis to launch a unilateral military strike. But in terms of official action, Day One is as good as it gets. If I’m wrong, I shudder to think what might be worse.
That's a tough one -- and you know it's tough because the best Ted Cruz has come up with so far is the same pledge:
As president, [Cruz] said, he would repudiate the deal “on Day 1″ of his presidency.
But the candidates could top this if they wanted to. Remember, for instance, that the new president will be sworn in on January 20, 2017, but the new Congress will convene on January 3. Couldn't a candidate outdo Walker and Cruz by saying that, if Congress passes a declaration of war against Iran between January 3 and January 20, not only will he (or she) abrogate the deal, he (she) will also sign that declaration of war right there on the podium, immediately after taking the oath of office?

And couldn't someone top that by promising to ask for the nuclear football just after being sworn in and then punching in the Tehran-bound launch codes right there in front of the crowd? (Though even I think that's a bit of a stretch for the GOP candidates, Trump perhaps excepted.)

I'm sure someone will top these suggestions. And hey, we have a lot of senators running for president -- have any of them pledged to shut down the government unless President Obama repudiates the deal?


Victor said...

Our conservatives want to profit off wars that neither they nor anyone they know will fight in, or get wounded in, or die in.

The USSR is long dead, and
China is one of our major trading partners, so, they're off our list - ok, maybe not Russia, but our Reich-Wingers love Putin, so Russia's not seen as much of a direct threat as in the good old days.

Now, if you take Cuba and Iran off their "I hate and want a war with this country list," they're running out of places to profit from, and send kids to die and get wounded in.

I'm sure though, that they'll think up some new enemy.
If I'm Grenada, I'm watching my ass!

John Taylor said...

Obama Derangement Syndrome is common with all the GOP candidates. If Obama achieved world peace and an end to hunger they would be against it. Really is disgusting.

Joseph Nobles said...

"I will swear in on a aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf and issue the command for the attack on Iran right after So Help Me Goooooood!"

Glennis said...

I'm trying to imagine how delighted President Cruz would make our allies and co-signers of the deal, were he to repudiate the deal eighteen or so months after it was signed.

Think about how utterly stupid that would be, how totally damaging that would be to the US's status in the world.

And think about what kind of idiot would proudly pledge to do something like this.