Sunday, April 26, 2015


I imagine this is what's going to happen:
Author of book questioning Clinton donations demands federal probe

Federal investigators must probe Hillary and Bill Clinton’s finances, the author of a new book targeting the power couple’s foreign donations insisted Sunday.

“You see a series of actions that are enormously beneficial ... for the benefit of Clinton donors and I think this warrants investigation,” said Peter Schweizer, who wrote “Clinton Cash,” said on Fox News Sunday.

... Schweizer said Sunday he has no “direct evidence” that Hillary Clinton intervened on behalf of these foreign interests. But he argues a federal investigation could search for improper links using subpoena powers, much like it did in the bribery case against now-indicted Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), and a public corruption case against convicted former Gov. Bob McDonald (R-Va.).

“I am a journalist I don’t have access to government records,” Schweizer said. “I certainly don’t have access to her emails.”
Clever of him to get in a mention of those emails.

Yeah, this will happen, though probably not soon. We'll be solemnly told by congressional Republicans that the only time such hearings can possibly take place is 2016 -- and I mean throughout 2016 (or, rather, throughout the first ten months of 2016, ending sometime in late October). Impeaching Bill Clinton after he'd won two elections and built up a reservoir of goodwill didn't work out for Republicans, so they're basically going to impeach Hillary Clinton while she's running for president -- and, if she somehow wins the election, they'll just keep impeaching her.

Or we can elect Jeb or Scott or Marco and watch America turn into Kochistan before our very eyes. Anyone have an alternate scenario that could plausibly happen?

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Ken_L said...

Yes, the whole affair is obviously a set-up to justify several Congressional committees spending an indefinite period grandstanding about investigating the Clinton Foundation. But it was all eminently predictable, and a reason I say Clinton is unfit to be president. You can zip around the world hobnobbing with the rich and famous, casually handling hundreds of millions of dollars in fairly unaccountable ways, or you can be a representative of the American people dedicated to making their lives better. But you can't do both.