Thursday, April 09, 2015


The lead item at Fox Nation right now is a New York Post editorial in which it's argued that, yes, the Walter Scott shooting was bad, but we obviously don't have a real problem with the cops because the Scott shooting is pretty much the only time you've ever seen cops act inappropriately on video.

No, really, that's what it says:
Yes, cop-bashers are seizing on the North Charleston, S.C., case as proof of their claims that police nationwide are out of control. In fact, it shows the opposite.

The now-viral video of Officer Michael Slager shooting down an unarmed man after a routine traffic stop is a reminder that cameras are everywhere today -- even in near-abandoned stretches of Southern towns.

That’s security cameras and, more important, cameras in countless cellphones. With easy uploading to the Internet, the imagined epidemic of criminal cops would be all over the Web, were it real.
Right -- if cops wre out of control, in the past year you'd have seen videos like this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And this:

And that's just in the past year. And those are just the ones that this white guy found in a few minutes of Googling.

Well, the Murdoch press and its audience often can't see things that are in plain sight. In the same way that, for instance, they never see Muslims who condemn terrorism, no matter how many there are, I guess they just can't see these videos. In the future there'll be more, I'm sure. But in Murdoch Land, they still won't exist.


Unknown said...

Here's the video of NJ cops shooting the unarmed Black man with hands up.

Victor said...

You can lead a horses-ass to water, but you can't make him/her think!

Unknown said...

I posted the link to the NJ video above wondering how it was that video of an actual shooting by police of a Black man with his hands up had been brushed aside during the recent branding of "Hands up, don't shoot" as an impossible fiction....

Well I just learned that the shooter was himself Black with a literal stack of prior abuse (by him) filings that had been brushed aside.

Maybe we should modify the idea of branding only white racism for the problem. Personally, I always saw it as an abuse of power, which seems to be equal-opportunity.

Steve M. said...

I think a lot of black cops pick up on that I-am-the-law mindset. I think police violence toward blacks is a race problem, but it's also a cop problem.

Unknown said...

And let's not forget the Detroit Black man beaten but not killed, and the cop then on video slips a bag of drugs from his own pocket to claim "justification".

M. Bouffant said...

A compilation:
Call the Cops - Rob Hustle ft. Bump

Ken_L said...

If a video is made and it's not shown on Fox, does it really exist?