Saturday, April 18, 2015


Every Republican in the presidential race is going to say unkind things about Hillary Clinton, but is it a surprise that the nastiest zinger of the race so far came from the guy with a (deserved) reputation for snapping at journalists, particularly those who are women?
Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) dinged Hillary Clinton during a speech in New Hampshire on Saturday, suggesting the Democratic presidential candidate could face a serious primary challenge.

"I'm starting to worry that when Hillary Clinton travels, there's gonna need to be two planes – one for her and her entourage, and one for her baggage," Paul, himself a presidential candidate, said to laughs and applause at the Republican Leadership Summit.

"I'm concerned that the plane with the baggage is really getting heavy and teetering," Paul added.
I get the feeling Paul is just getting warmed up. His confrontations with reporters suggest that he's not just running a tough campaign -- he viscerally has a mean streak, and we're going to see more of it as the months progress. I think that's really going to help him in the primary race, although I think there are too many hawks with too much money for him to actually to actually win the nomination. If he does somehow emerge victorious, I think most Americans are going to think he's too nasty to be president. But meanwhile, his party will cheer, which will only encourage him. So expect a lot more of this, and expect the insults to get a lot uglier.


Ken_L said...

At a guess, tousle-headed jeans-clad Rand is bitter and twisted because his boyish get-out-the-under-30s campaign is going absolutely nowhere, while Rubio is every conservative's favorite for the college kids' vote. Plus Carly Fiorina's come out of nowhere to be the Hillary attack dog, and unlike Paul, she can't get pinged for sexism every time she lands a blow.

petrilli said...

He reminds me of Rick Lazio in some ways. A bratty little snot who won't know what hit him if he meets her on the dais.

retiredeng said...

Heh. Rand Paul. The one with a huge pile of old smelly steamer trunks want's to talk about "baggage." People, glass houses, stones, etc.

Victor said...

Testy little twit, ain't he?

People who self-certify themselves as eye doctors, shouldn't talk about other people's baggage.

And a person whose father ran an unapologetic racist newsletter, and who, himself, admitted on TV back in 2010 when the was running for the Senate seat in KY, that he would be ok with private businesses discriminating, might also want to keep an eye on his own baggage - or, at least, not try to add to it.

But, of course, his racism probably helped him win the Senate seat from KY.

Anything that appalls the liberals, is appealing to conservatives.

Sweet Sue said...

I hate all the nastiness and personal remarks, but by God, if Hillary can take it, so can I on her behalf.
It's scary that you have to be a certified loon to win Republican primaries; eventually, one of them will be nominated and may-God forbid-slip into the White House.