Thursday, April 16, 2015


I'm told that this is Marco Rubio trying to "find the middle ground on same-sex marriage":
When it comes to same-sex marriage, Marco Rubio is trying to stake out a position somewhere between Hillary Clinton and Ted Cruz.

A day after being called the “candidate of yesterday” by CNN's Jake Tapper over his opposition to same-sex marriage during a CNN interview, Rubio told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Wednesday that he would participate in a gay wedding involving someone he loves. At the same time, he ... compared a gay wedding to a divorcee’s second marriage

“I’m a member of the Catholic faith,” the Florida senator said. “It teaches that marriages -- after you get married the first time, if you’ve been divorced you can’t be remarried, and yet people attend second marriages all the time.”
Right, Marco. So why not take that a step further? Because I've noticed an interesting thing: Even though you think they're immoral, you and your fellow Catholics aren't trying to make divorce and remarriage illegal. You folks live with reasonable level of contentment in a world in which all sorts of things that are forbidden in your faith are legal: contraception (yes, some religious conservatives want to ban that, but you don't seem to be one of them, Marco), premarital sex, in vitro fertilization, divorce. You guys are free not to indulge in any of these things -- but they're legal, and somehow you tolerate that. So why not same-sex marriage as well, even for people you don't love?

By the way, I'm wondering how many Catholic bakers and florists refuse to provide services for remarriages. Are there any? Maybe there are. I'd like to know.


BadTux said...

Rubio needs to just admit reality: there's just not enough room on the GOP ballot for two Hispanic candidates from Florida.

Ba da boom.

- Badtux the Snarky penguin

M. Bouffant said...

And isn't being an invited guest (or being in the wedding party) the only real participation/endorsement/celebration in the holy & sacred ceremony? As opposed to dropping a cake off at the banquet hall half-an-hr. (for money, not a gift) before the guests even arrive.

Belvoir said...

Rubio's probable lack of gay friends might explain why he's such a petulant, sour, un-fun person. Such CHARISMA. I've never seen an iota of charisma from Rubio, though it's been noted the media can't stop applying that to him.

And really, what a horrible drag this half-assed evasion makes him look. "Maybe I'd attend a gay wedding, but I'd do it GRUDGINGLY and DISAPPROVINGLY." Is that really any better?

Thanks for this post- it is high time that all these "sanctity of marriage" sorts are grilled hard on what they are doing to outlaw divorce. It really ought to come up all the time, why so many of them find marriage so sacrosanct they do it two or three or four times. Hypocrites.

Victor said...

If you want to find the states that have the highest divorce rates, look for the Bible-belt ones.

Also, the highest in teen pregnancies, out of wedlock pregnancies, alcoholism, drug addiction, and a plethora of the other societal ills that piss-off the Bible-belter's.
So, they project their problems onto the more Libtard states.