Friday, December 16, 2011


How Fox Nation readers characterized a seemingly noncontroversial story from earlier in the week (click to enlarge):

Readers get the choice of voting for "Offensive," "Funny," "Cool," "Obnoxious," "Scary," "Inspiring," and "Crazy." "Obnoxious" got 223 votes. No other choice cracked triple digits.

Remember the Saturday Night Live sketch from 2009 in which Republican leaders decide it would be politically astute to attack the Obamas' daughters? That's barely satire anymore.


proverbialleadballoon said...

well, they already went panty-sniffing to see what the obama girls were eating for lunch on pearl harbor day, so, yeah, of course ten-year old girls are fair game. that color of purple the younger one is wearing, i mean, cmon, totally obnoxious!

merlallen said...

Cons never have a problem attacking someones family. The Repub party has gone down hill rapidly in the last 40 years.
There was once a time when a man would never attack his opponents family.

c u n d gulag said...

"New Obama Family Portrait Revealed."

Which of the cute little brown pick-a-ninny's would you choose as a YOUR "Belly Warmer?"

If the USSR had FOX News, I'd be writing this in Russian with a piece of coal on a shovel in Siberia.

These Conservative right-wing propagandistic sub-humans are truly the worst examples of humanity.

And they're mostly all "Christians," which ought to make Jesus look over at Mohammed and say, "Ok, I'll put any one of my fervent evil idiotic followers to yours as far as evil, and let the Devil make his pick."
And Mohammed would say, "OK, but NO odds!"

Tim Long said...

Fox "News" is sick and most of their announcers are as depraved as any "bought" whore (except Gretta, Napolitano, Juan, Geraldo and Sheppard who are intentionally placed in this cesspool to divert attention from Rupert Murdock and Roger Ailes mission to brainwash viewers worldwide into extreme right wing zombies).