Friday, December 02, 2011


I hope you don't think of me as a stalker because I Googled the names of a few of the contributors to the astonishing, yes-it-really-exists Women for Herman Cain site -- I don't want to intrude into their personal lives, or want anyone else to do so; I just wondered what other political or cultural opinions they might have expressed online. I also wondered whether they were real people or sock puppets. They seem to be real. I think my favorite is Laura Ricketts, who writes on the Cain site,

Mr. Cain, I became involved with your campaign because I prayed myself into it. I believe that YOU are the man that God has blessed with the skills, the abilities, and the courage to truly Renew this nation. You and your family are in my prayers, and my support has NEVER Waivered.

She writes a blog called Daughter of the Heavenly King, where, among other things, she's expressed regret that Osama bin Laden was killed before he could convert to Christianity (and she was also upset that his death drove news of Pope John Paul II's beatification off the front page):

... I wanted to steep myself in Heavenly, mystical things, ponder the extraordinary life of the Late Holy Father, and enjoy seeing Catholicism get a good Headline for a news cycle or two. Instead I felt as though the Day of Divine Mercy was hijacked, John Paul II’s celebration (at least in my mind) was hijacked, my peace of mind was once again compromised by Osama Bin Laden. (Of course then the irony of using the analogy of a hijacking made me uncomfortable.)

... why did Osama Bin Laden's death make me so melancholy? Because it brought forward that which I think is missing in this "War on Terror." Mercy. The proclamation of Truth, and forgiveness. I know he was given a chance to surrender, and that he was shot in the midst of a firefight. But it still makes me a little sad. Osama Bin Laden died denying the Truth. He died ignorant of the true worth of all human beings. He died much the same way many of his victims did. Some would call this justice. I call it sad. For he died in ignorance, clouded by evil. How much better, how much more dramatic would it have been if he had grasped the Truth? If he had repented and sought forgiveness? He will never have that chance, and now it is God alone who knows his true and Eternal fate....

She also thinks President Herman Cain and Pope Benedict may unite on a divinely sanctioned mission to rid the world of Islamofascism (she's comparing them to John Paul and Ronald Reagan):

... I want to propose that we may be on the cusp of another great alliance of Pope and President. Another instance where the Truth universally proclaimed by Christ's Church on earth -- the Church militant -- is also supported by a wise and faithful President yet to be elected. This time though, it would be to fight the creeping influence of Islamic-Extremism and the totalitarianism of Extremist Regimes by a bold proclamation of the Truth.

It is no secret how Herman Cain feels about Islamic Extremists and Shariah law. It should also not be a shock that Pope Benedict the XVI has had some very pointed things to say about certain factions of Islam....

Could it be that once again, in the drama of Divine Providence, that the stage is being set for Christ's Church on earth, and the "shining City on a Hill" to confront the evil of our time? Could it be that this upcoming election is much more than "just another election cycle?" Maybe I sound crazy, but I think that it is....

Just a glimpse into the thinking of one random Woman for Herman Cain.


c u n d gulag said...

I want to go the the Catholic Church she goes to!

For Communion, the Priest must serve Everclear mixed into KoolAid, and the wafers are Valium dusted in brown acid left over from Woodstock!

What a whack-a-loon!

On a serious note, I'm sure that she's a nice lady, though, with good intention.
And I really do mean that.
It's just that she's religiously fucking insane!

Dark Avenger said...

Have you ever read The Anchoress? She's just a C-list version.

merlallen said...

God mitt uns. Those poor fuckers also thought they were on a holy mission.

M. Bouffant said...

Apparently Santorum can't get even the Catholic loons that should be his natural constituency.

And here is what another stalker found.