Tuesday, December 20, 2011


At Fox, everybody hates Congress and look whose fault it is:

I guess they made her Speaker again! Whatever happened, she's to blame!

And then you go over to CBS and you get this from Bob Schieffer:

Forget who is at fault. They all are for letting it go this far. Both sides are so determined to undermine the other that they can't even figure out how to do something they both want: Extend the payroll tax cut.

Right now it's so obvious who's at fault that even ordinary Americans can figure it out. But they'll never hear that perception validated by anyone in the mass-audience media. It's always either "Democrats suck" (Fox, talk radio) or "everyone sucks" (everybody else). Only the tiny minority of Americans who read lefty blogs or watch MSNBC prime time or read Krugman will ever have an insider telling them that what they think they see is exactly what's going on. And so everyone else just starts assuming that the non-lefty experts must be right. And that's why I'm skeptical that any tilt away from the GOP on the part of the public can really be sustained.


c u n d gulag said...

You have to give the right credit for a few things:
-Talk Radio
-Political mailings
-FOX News
-Incessant whining about left-wing MSM

After 40+ years of all of the above (except FOX, which has been around less than half that time), much of it focused on the last one on the list which involves 'gaming the ref's,' the people in the MSM flinch at the thought of yet another accusation of Liberal bias.
They're like that dog or child that's been beaten too many times, and flinches every time an arm is raised, or some looks at them a certain way.
And so, we are actually SOOO shocked when they so rarely do blame the Republicans, that we cheer, and almost faint.

And so, PolitiFact, afraid to name Republicans as manufacturing the "Lie of the Year" for a 3rd straight time, play some bullshit game of semantics, and blame the Democrats for something which is the truth: That Paul Ryan's Plan WILL effectively kill Medicare as now know it.
And so, PolitiFact, seems like it either merged with Politico, and became PolitiCoFact, or on it's own, instinctively flinched, and became PolitiBalance.

The Conservatives in this country are shameless propagandists - but they're highly EFFECTIVE shameless propagandists.
And the Democrats, after 40 years, are still astounded by all of this, and haven't yet come up with an effective strategy. Even they back off of cries of "Liberal bias," even though most of them aren't what most of us real Liberals would recognize as liberal.

This country has about run its course, and if you believe in science, ration, and logic, then you have to admit that "The American Experiment" has pretty much failed, and all we are in is a delay pattern trying to hold off some form of theocratic Fascism.

And yes, I will still vote for the Democrats, because holding that off as long as possible is a worthy cause - something may change while we're doing it.

And that's about our only hope.

Greg said...

Well said, gulag. And remember, as Elvis Presley put it, "clean up your own backyard." Never lose sight of how positive adjustments in one's seemingly "micro" world can possibly affect how events happen in the "macro" one.

In my view, we are clearly headed for the brink of real calamity again, just like during the Cold War but quite possibly worse. Might get fully underway in '12, maybe in '16, but bet the ranch it is coming.

c u n d gulag said...

What you're worried about may be the European economy.

Europe going down the shitter, plus how little we've done to correct our course for that cliff after our last near-cliff experience, may really make the worst days of the 1930's seem like "Happy Days Are Here Again."

That, and/or some sort of an oil crisis.