Friday, February 11, 2011


Mitt Romney at CPAC today (via World Net Daily):

"Let me make this very clear. If I decide to run for president, it won't take me two years to wake up to the job crisis threatening America," he said. "And I won't be asking Tim Geithner how the economy works -- or Larry Summers how to start a business."

Mitt Romney on CNN, November 23, 2008, just after Obama's election:

ROMNEY: Well, Timothy Geithner and Larry Summers I know quite well, and, frankly, I'm encouraged by their participation on the new economic team.

He's just shameless, isn't he?


Oh, and there's this (also via the WND article), which, even though it's not funny, is probably going to be the hit soundbite of the speech:

"It could be worse?" Romney asked incredulously. "This is the leader of the free world's answer to the greatest job loss since the Great Depression? What's next? Let them eat cake?

"Oh, excuse me. Organic cake," he said.

Yeah, Mitt, a real knee-slapper. Now tell me again about Nutraceutical International?

Nutraceutical International Inc. develops, manufacturers, and markets a wide variety of vitamin, mineral, herbal, and nutritional supplements....

Nutraceutical's beginnings date to 1993, when Bain Capital, Inc.--a Boston-based private equity company--paired with senior management to organize Nutraceutical and consolidate what its leaders thought was a very divided nutritional supplements industry. Bain Capital's leader was Mitt Romney....

In October 1994, Nutraceutical acquired Premier One Products, Inc., a Nebraska corporation. Premier One had been founded in July 1984 in Omaha, Nebraska, as one of the first companies to sell items made completely from bee products. 1995, Nutraceutical started VegLife as a separate brand, following its previous origin in 1992 as a line of products marketed under the Solaray brand. VegLife was comprised of strictly vegetarian products, including encapsulated items and two beverages: Peaceful Planet--a soy protein drink, and Peaceful Kava, which contained Kava--used originally by Pacific islanders....

A couple years later, in April 1997, Nutraceutical introduced a new line of supplements called Solar Green. The product line included tablets containing different kinds of algae and cereal grasses, and also a drink mix used to prepare a beverage supplement....

Har har har! "Organic cake"! The shameless really never ends, does it?


And he apparently thinks "organic" is such a hilarious word that it was a good idea to base two of the speech's wisecracks on it The other:

"The President went from 'Change you can believe in' to 'Can you believe this change?'" Romney said. "He sounded like he was going to dig up the First Lady's organic garden to put in a Bob's Big Boy."

I don't even get the analogy. Do you?

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