Thursday, February 10, 2011


Reports are* that Hosni Mubarak will step down today, to be replaced by Vice President Suleiman or the army -- but no matter who actually replaces him, if you have "Take a sip every time someone says 'Muslim Brotherhood'" in the Fox News drinking game, hand someone your keys right now and book yourself a cab -- or an ambulance. Same with "caliphate." If you have "Suleiman" or "army," you'll probably still be sober enough by late this evening to serve as a designated driver.

Even before this news broke, Fox Nation was prepared -- the "Breaking News" banner is new, but the lead story has been the lead story all day:

This is from a Palin interview with Sean Hannity, and if you go to the thread and read the transcript you see that Egypt didn't even come up until the very end of the interview, yet somebody at Fox Nation clearly recognized that it was the most eyeball-grabbing news hook.

Here's the relevant bit. As is typical on Fox when Palin is the interviewee and the subject turns to foreign policy, she is spoon-fed the bullet points so she doesn't have to remember them herself. But please note that they're crazy bullet points -- there's barely any daylight between this and what the supposedly too-crazy-even-for-Fox Glenn Beck has been saying:

HANNITY: Governor, I didn't ask you yet about Egypt and that would be negligence if I did not. My biggest concern governor is the president and the White House now have said that they've got to reconsider their relationship with the Muslim brotherhood. Their desire is for an Islamic caliphate, their desire is for Sharia law, they've been involved in assassinations, they have supported extremist organizations. It appears that even Egypt has accepted the notion that they will be part of any new government that emerges. How dangerous is that when you couple it with all the other countries, Jordan and surrounding countries now Indonesia and Tunisia, in the problems we see in rising Islamic radicalism?

PALIN: The Muslim brotherhood as they believe in a caliphate is a big problem. And I think it should give us all great pause to hear officials in our own nation believing that the Muslim brotherhood should be given a seat at the table and hear their ideas for democracy. Does the Muslim brotherhood really truly sincerely believe in freedoms and women rights, human rights? Do they believe in freedom of religion or do they believe in cramming down someone's throat their own religious beliefs? And if you won't buy into them, you will beheaded? Now, if that what's part of the Muslim brotherhood's mission, then for shame that the U.S. government would believe that they can be embraced and still bring those who desire freedom and democracy down a road towards democracy.

HANNITY: The president was given an opportunity to speak out against them and he passed.

PALIN: Right.

HANNITY: What do you make of that?

PALIN: He sure did. He passed and that was a lost opportunity. And again, gives me, gives so many other people great pause, when we are trying to figure out what is it that our president stands for and stands with? If he could be strong with the steal is fine, like Reagan was and let us know candidly, honestly, sincerely, what do you think of the Muslim brotherhood? What do you think of Sharia law? What do you think of Muslim extremists? Islamic extremists when they won't even use the term Islamic extremist anymore. What do you think that their desire is for Israel, for America, for other freedom loving democratic loving countries that would seek peace in this world?

HANNITY: Governor those are questions you think our media would ask them.

There you go. That's the Fox party line. That metallic sound you hear is thousands of motorized wheelchairs headed for fallout shelters.


UPDATE: *Never mind! Caliphate averted!

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