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Lara Logan of CBS News was the victom of a vicious sexual assault in Egypt on the day Hosni Mubarak stepped down.

The left-leaning war reporter Nir Rosen -- harboring anger at Logan for, among other things, remarks Logan once made that were critical of the Rolling Stone story that brought down General Stanley McChrystal -- wrote (and then deleted) some indefensible tweets about the assault on Logan, tweets that have (quite understandably) disgusted a number of people, not all of them on the right:

The initial tweet by Rosen stated, "Lara Logan had to outdo Anderson. Where was her buddy McCrystal." From this tweet he went further, writing that he would have been amused if Anderson Cooper had also been sexually assaulted.

"Yes yes its wrong what happened to her. Of course. I don't support that. But, it would have been funny if it happened to Anderson too," wrote Rosen.

The two comments gave way to more. Rosen called Logan a "war monger" and expressed doubt that she was actually assaulted.

"Jesus Christ, at a moment when she is going to become a martyr and glorified we should at least remember her role as a major war monger" wrote Rosen.

"Look, she was probably groped like thousands of other women, which is still wrong, but if it was worse than [sic] I'm sorry." ...

There's no excuse for this. None.

Yet as repulsive as these tweets are, they're matched in repulsiveness by what's being said by commenters on right-wing sites. In general, I understand the argument that it's "nutpicking" to pull a few comments out of a thread and hold them up as if they're representative of conservative thinking. But these aren't isolated comments -- they clearly represent the consensus view of the readership at many sites.

Free Republic:

She's lucky she wasn’t beheaded for infidelity afterwards by the islamic savages.


...It's INEXCUSABLE for a blonde female to be there in the midst of these savages! Maybe now she knows the true face of Mooselimbs.


Under Sharia, any unveiled woman is presumed to be a prostitute.

That's where Egypt is headed now


Welcome to Islam. It's immoral to eat pork but rape is acceptable.


A pretty one, with lots of untamed, uncovered wild blond hair.

To devout muslims, she's legit rape-bait. What was CBS thinking?

Gateway Pundit:

I wonder if she'll be a good Leftist and forgive her attackers, writing the gang-rape off as a difference in culture and just a side-effect of their euphoria of achieving "democracy" -- it's their unusual way of celebrating, don't you know, beautiful in its own right. Only "racists" would think it was savagery. To the liberal, Muslim gang rape during celebrations is no more backwards and is in fact morally equivalent to West Virginia college kids burning couches after a big football win.

Not that Egyptian Muslim men aren't notorious for groping/assaulting women, covered or uncovered, and that Muslim rape (usually of the gang variety) of uncovered Infidel women occurs at a staggering rate, not only in Islamic nations, but all across multicultural Europe....


Nothing to see here – muslims rape and beat white girls and females in Britain and Europe all the time – no biggie apparently. Just one of the great things about Islam infidel females have to look forward to.


Islam – Muslims taking booty should not shock anyone, its just part of their culture, like marriage to kids, you should all be more open minded, its just part of their religion....

Michelle Malkin:

I fail to see why we would expend any energy -- beyond that which is released by the detonation of a thermonuclear weapon -- to defend these people and their country. Islam is the opiate of the uneducated -- and unwilling to be educated -- masses in the Third World.


If she lived there, she probably would be stoned for allowing herself to be assaulted. The middle east is a nest of vipers. It wouldn't bother me a bit if the arab countries disappeared off the face of the earth. The mooslum cult is the biggest threat to human existence ever. And they are hatching by the billions, like roaches. They want to take over the entire world, and we just merrily allow them to come here in huge numbers. Europe is waking up. Too late.


Let me guess, they were peaceful Mooslimb's that look at women as one step above a pig…sometimes. To be a little more precise they were a bunch of rag heads trying to find their way back into the 7th century. Can I say rag heads?

Weasel Zippers:

Another despicable action by followers of the religion of peace and respect for all.


I hope the girl is OK and I also hope that this will be something of a lesson for her. May be she will go to Fox and start reporting for them, because the first time she say's anything anti Islam, she will be fired.

It is sad that it has come to this point, will we ever learn that these people are F&^%ing Animals and should be treated like one that is rabid.

She will be in our prayers!


... This has been happenining to western women in those cultures for a long time. And it is not spoken about. Not PC? Embarrassing to someone? Inconvenient? Muslim men (and women) do not think or act as westerners. Their brains are wired so differently that it is nearly impossible for a westerner to even begin to understand them. Apparently they’ve got us pegged though. and doesn't that make you feel all warm and safe.


This is what happens when people believe the libTARD crap about islam is PIECEFUL. They are trogladytes. Only enter their world when you are armed and dangerous.


it’s a wonder she’s alive, a woman sticking her nose into an islamic country business usually ends in death at the hands of the peaceful loving islamic deviates.

Nir Rosen rethought his boorishness and pulled at least some of his worst tweets down. These comments have, for the most part, been up since yesterday afternoon and evening, unmoderated.

See also Debbie Schussel:

As I've noted before, it bothers me not a lick when mainstream media reporters who keep telling us Muslims and Islam are peaceful get a taste of just how "peaceful" Muslims and Islam really are. In fact, it kinda warms my heart. Still, it's also a great reminder of just how "civilized" these "people" (or, as I like to call them in Arabic, "Bahai'im" [Animals]) are....

I've been lurking at sites like this for years. These people have been jabbering this way among themselves for as long as I've been reading them. They never believed even their hero George W. Bush when he uttered reasonable words about Islam and Muslims. They're just flat-out bigots.

And the next Republican president will almost certainly take great pains to be in sync with their views.


UPDATE: Nir Rosen has resigned from his position at NYU's Center on Law and Security.

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