Thursday, February 17, 2011


Democratic state legislators from Wisconsin have left the state in order to prevent Governor Scott Walker and legislative Republicans from achieving a quorum and ramming through a union-busting bill. The Dems went to Rockford, Illinois, where Gateway Pundit's Jim Holt has been urging teabaggers to hunt them down -- with some success, he claims:

The Rockford Tea Party just chased the Wisconsin democrats out of the Best Western. They just boarded their bus and are leaving the Best Western!
Run, Libs! Run!

...UPDATE: I was told that tea party members are currently tracking the bus.

UPDATE: Local Rockford News is interviewing the Tea Party Patriots who chased the Wisconsin Democrats out of town....

And then I love this part:

UPDATE: TIME FOR A TEA PARTY CITIZEN’S ARREST!... I am offering $100 to the first person successful citizen's arrest.

Um, excuse me? Is Hoft actually proposing that Wisconsin legislators should be arrested in Illinois for failing to discharge their Wisconsin legislative duties? Er, Jim, aren't you wingnuts the folks who don't believe anything larger than the individual states has any legitimate power, beyond the few powers apportioned to the feds according to the most parsimonious reading of the U.S. Constitution? Dude, where's your Tenther spirit? How is his any of Illinois's damn business?

And citizens' arrests? So does this mean that if liberal citizens in a blue state (or civilized country) arrest Bush or Cheney for torture, you're cool with that, too?

And, oh, look -- he's hoping they're heading to his hometown so he (and what army?) can do the deed:

UPDATE: Please, Please, Please!! Let them turn south and head to St. Louis!!

Scratch a "small-government conservative" and find a jackbooted thug-wannabe.

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