Saturday, February 12, 2011


How out of touch is Ann Coulter? This much:

Conservative pundit Ann Coulter warned activists Saturday that if the party nominates former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney in 2012, President Obama will win reelection.

Asked in a Q&A session after a bombastic speech at CPAC what she thought of the 2012 field of hopefuls, Coulter initially hesitated, but went on to essentially deliver an endorsement of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

"If you don't run Chris Christie, Romney will be the nominee and we'll lose," said Coulter, eliciting cheers from the crowd....

You know what, Ann? You've got it absolutely backwards. It's not that Romney can't win a general election -- it's that he probably can't win the nomination in your wingnutier-than-thou party.

Non-wingnuts are the people who won't refuse to vote for Romney because we think Mormonism is Satanic. Non-wingnuts won't refuse to vote for Romney because he tried to achieve something resembling universal health care in Massachusetts. Plenty of us wouldn't vote for him for other reasons, not least the fact that he keeps trying to sound like you crazies, and really might become one of you in office -- but the rest of the public isn't his big problem -- it's you guys.

He could (alas) win the general -- he just can't win in your crowd, unless her becomes as utterly insane as you are (which he's trying desperately to do). If he pulls that off, maybe you'll pick him. But I'm not sure we will in that case.

I get it, Ann. You've drunk the Kool-Aid.


(Post title adapted from Elvis Costello in his nasty youth.)

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