Sunday, February 06, 2011


For the love of God, not this again:

Yeah, I know: it's in the White House. But I also know: it's Super Bowl Sunday, America's official Sacred Day of Rest for heterosexual males, including, presumably, the president himself. And for crissakes, it's an interview with Bill Freaking O'Reilly.

And can we please lay to rest the myth that George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan would rather have died than be in the White House jacketless or tieless?

And Bush's official portrait for the National Portrait Gallery shows him jacketless and tieless:

That's apparently unprecedented -- and yet, as far as I recall, no one ever reacted to the portrait by saying it showed "disrespect" (certainly no right-winger). If Bush hadn't had his portrait painted this way and Obama, after leaving office, had, can you imagine the massive freakout on the right? In fact, it will probably still cause a massive freakout on the right if Obama is portrayed this way, Bush or no Bush.


UPDATE: Politico:

Although Fox's primetime hosts remain critical of the president's policies, particularly on health care, there have been signs of further thawing recently.

Yeah, yeah, yeah -- a few Foxsters liked the Tucson speech. Wow, big warming trend. I look at this Fox Nation thread and I'd say the thermostat has been lowered again.

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