Sunday, April 12, 2009


Reading the right-wing reactions to the resolution of the Somali pirate hostage crisis is like looking at the classic optical illusion figure that has a different number of prongs at one end than at the other: at one end you see President Obama ordering the use of force, successfully of course ... and at the other end you see the situation as wingnuts see it, with Obama and Democrats still, somehow, feckless and weak, even though the military reaction Obama approved worked.

No, really. Here are some comments from Fox Nation:

nice to know there are still some "real men" out there -- wish our president was!


Great work Navy !!!! BUT,
What about the pirates rights that the Democrat liberals were concerned about ?
Will the forth pirate sue us and win ?
Will our liberals in congress want the snipers held for murder ?
Will obama,reid, and pelosi be upset because we should have invited the pirates to the white house to discuss the problem ?


I am very happy that Capt. Phillips has been rescued safely. I feel it should have been done days ago but as usual the Obama admin. dragged their feet and hid under their desks...


What I dont understand why Obama didnt gave the ok to use letal force to get the captain at the first time that the defense department ask. An about the coments that Obama said the we need other nations to fix the problem of the piracy. We have the best military in the world in a few day we can finish with the piracy. Obama its so weak in defense the im realy worry.


Great news, thanks to our military! To bad Obama was trying to turn it into a pre-911 law enforcement issue with the FBI.

And from Free Republic:

Nice to see that that Navy is still a community that won't be "organized."


I guess Coburn and Bayh's statement had finally made our whatever-in-chief to allow our Navy to be our Navy.


I know you're all wondering what Obama's role in all this was. Here’s the anwer:

"The negotiations between the elders and American officials have broken down. The reason is American officials wanted to arrest the pirates in Puntland and elders refused the arrest of the pirates," said the commissioner...

In other words, the only reason why we have a favorable outcome is that the Somalis would not let Obama have his way.

And at

Obama gets the credit for doing nothing. Everybody else gets second place.

Isn't this pretty much Obama's entire history, such as it it?


If truth were ever to come out, I bet it's that the Navy acted against WH rules of engagement.


It took long enough, the NAVY and SEALS get the credit, not the pizza guy in the WH.

I have to be fair: a small minority of posters in these threads actually give Obama credit (he gets the most credit at Fox Nation -- obviously a wingnuts-only screening regime isn't in place there yet), and most other posters merely give the thumbs-up to the SEALs and say nothing about the president. But for the posters I've quoted, cognitive dissonance reigns.

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