Tuesday, April 28, 2009


At Townhall.com, Arlen Specter, who's been treated for brain tumors and Hodgkin's disease, is described by Kevin McCullough as a "cancerous tumor":

I really hate it when "parties" do really stupid things....

I'm talking about two of my heroes George W. Bush and Rick Santorum taking some really bad advice and snuggling up to the snake-oil Senator when he last ran for re-election....

Court appointments, Taxes, corrupt pay-for-play, term-limits, permanent dictator status... it's all up for review now.

And why?

Because George W. Bush and Rick Santorum DID NOT remove the cancerous tumor when they had the chance....

(McCullough, by the way, titles this post -- about the man who was until now the GOP's only Jewish senator -- "'Hi I'm a Pig and My Name Is Arlen Specter!'")

An outraged denunciation of McCullough by civility cop and fellow Townhaller Michelle Malkin is expected ... um, never.

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