Friday, April 10, 2009


A number of folks on the right are amused that Gerald Warner, blogging for Britain's Telegraph, has responded to Barack Obama's European tour by calling him "President Pantywaist" and the "new surrender monkey on the block."

Ah, yes -- Gerald Warner, a real authority. In 2004 in The Scotsman, he exulted in the victory of George W. Bush (which he called "a Christian-led counter-revolution") and boasted that he'd predicted a Bush victory in Iowa because of "its large Catholic electorate" (in fact, Iowa ranks 26th among U.S. states in terms of percentage of Catholics in the population, and, in fact, six of the seven most Catholic states in the U.S. went to Kerry). In 2008, in The Telegraph, he predicted that Barack Obama's pro-choice Catholic running mate, Joe Biden, would lose him the Catholic vote ("This is electoral suicide by the Democrats"); in fact, Catholics voted for Obama over McCain 54%-45%. Later, when Obama went out to a lead in the polls he never relinquished, Warner published, within eight days of each other, Telegraph blog posts titled "Joe Biden: the millstone around Barack Obama's neck" and "Joe Biden is the drag-chain on Barack Obama's surge" (neither of which was accurate).

Warner has literally declared himself more Catholic than the Pope -- the last Pope, that is, whose Catholicism he questioned because (gasp!) John Paul II participated in religious services with members of other faiths. Warner likes the current Pope a lot, however, and vigorously defends his assertion that condoms spread AIDS.

Warner also likes Sarah Palin -- a lot. In September, he told us that "America has decided it likes Sarah Palin," a day after he told us that "Democrat attacks on Sarah Palin have backfired." He's suggested that the burning of Palin's church in Wasilla was the result of "aggressive secularism ... under the influence of the morally degenerate Democrat Party."

Beats the hell out of me why this guy doesn't have a prime-time slot on Fox.

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