Monday, April 20, 2009


Instapundit, tryingt to set the terms of the first-thing-Monday-morning blog debate by citing posts about one large tea party:

SOME TEA PARTY PHOTOS from Fresno. "Fresno had over 7.500 attend the most polite protest I have ever witnessed." ...

Yup -- really polite.

... um, if you don't count this woman from Fresno:

Or this guy:

Speakers in Fresno compared the federal government's economic stimulus package to socialism and told the Homeland Security chief to "go straight to hell," among other things, ringing a chord with the crowd.

(That speaker also said, "We are a Judeo-Christian nation, and anyone that says we're not can go straight to hell.")

Oh, and it was an admirable rally except for, er, um, this guy:

Brian Blanchard of Coarsegold wanted to warn everyone that the Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA is just waiting to take control. "And they have Gestapo like powers. They can take your house, they can take your car, they can your money they can take your dog." He said.

And is the Fresno speaker in this video saying what I think he's saying, with a few euphemisms?

I haven't seen one American bailed out yet! ... I'll tell you what: if you're going to bail out somebody, sure in the hell don't bail out Goldman Sachs! Don't bail out JP Morgan and Chase bank and that damn Bank of America! ... they want to give six trillion dollars to those freaks in New York City! ... You guys gotta know: they're coming for every dime you've got, and when they're done with dimes, they want your blood!

(The same guy repeats the money-and-blood formula near the end of the clip -- after ranting about the Federal Reserve. Draw your own conclusions.)

Oh, and Insty is boasting that five or six nonwhite people were seen in Fresno -- out of a crowd estimated at 7500. Math is hard, but that would be a rally that's less than one tenth of one percent nonwhite. Fresno is, in fact, 8% African American, 40% Hispanic, and 5% mixed-race.

Yeah, brag on, Insty.

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