Thursday, April 02, 2009


It all seems so reasonable in the New York Times story:

... the leaders of nearly two dozen of the world’s largest economies agreed Thursday to a broad array of new fiscal and regulatory steps, in a desperate effort to revive the paralyzed global economy.

..."This is the day the world came together to fight against the global recession," [British prime minister Gordon] Brown declared. "Our message today is clear and certain: we believe global problems require global solutions."

... Among the steps Mr. Brown detailed are strict new regulations on hedge funds and rating agencies, as well as a crackdown on tax havens, which will be publicly named and subject to sanctions if they do not agree to share tax information with the authorities of other countries.

The Group of 20 also agreed on new global rules to cap the pay and bonuses of bankers....

But get ready, because the right-wing wackos are starting to freak. Here's one Free Republic thread:

Fox News: G20 Wants an International Economic Counsel to Regulate World Economy

This council would regulate such matters as corporate executive compensation and bonuses. Obama remarked that they are going to institute some "best practices" that will be a good thing.

It looks like he is bowing to an international socialistic authority to me.

(I can't find a story yet at the Fox site that matches this description, but I'm sure it'll be there soon. If not, Glenn Beck will be on the air any minute now.)

Oh, and just to make sure those heads explode, Drudge's pal Breitbart has lovingly preserved a clip of Brown saying, "The new world order is emerging."

How long before Michelle Bachmann takes to the floor of the house to declare that Obama has surrendered U.S. sovereignty to the One Worlders?

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