Tuesday, May 20, 2008


From a New York Times story about a snazzy new seven-point proposal from House Republicans that's going to get the GOP back in America's good graces -- really, swear to God:

A draft of the conservative agenda calls for the endorsement of a constitutional amendment to prohibit federal spending from growing faster than the economy except in times of war or national emergency.

Er, aren't we -- according to all Republicans -- already in a time of war, as well as a time of national emergency, right now and, like, forever? Or at least until the last Islamomuslonazi is rooted out of Evildoeristan, a process that absolutely requires us to be in Iraq for a gazillion years even though most of Evildoeristan is in other countries?

So, um, when would this proposed constitutional amendment actually be in effect?

I also like the fact that at a time when the public is furious about the war, gas prices, the housing bubble collapse, and health care costs, the GOP plan includes

a proposal to require recipients of food stamps or housing aid to meet work requirements.

I guess that means the emphasis of the new GOP slogan ("The Change You Deserve") is on the third word ("The Change You Deserve, not those welfare scum across town"). I guess it also means the GOP really, really doesn't like updating its scapegoat list.

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