Wednesday, May 14, 2008


Charles Hurt on Hillary Clinton, in the New York Post:

... After last night's victory, she is free to quit.

Or she could see her way next week through Kentucky, which she'll also win handily.

Or, she could sprint all the way to the end on June 3.

...She expects Obama to lose in November precisely because of the weaknesses she exposed in this primary: He'll have trouble winning blue collar Democrats in swing states.

That opens the door to her return in four years as the party's prodigal daughter, saying: "As you recall, my worst fears came true. Now, it is my turn."

I don't buy that she's just going to walk away after the last primary. Not when I see Ed Rendell urging Obama to pick her as VP. I think she's going to keep fighting, quite literally all the way to the convention, unless she gets the #2 slot.

I just don't believe the Clintons will walk away. They desperately need to be vindicated -- but what if Obama wins without Hillary on the ticket? They would find that unendurable.

But if she's on the ticket, it's win-win for them: They'll give themselves the credit if Obama beats McCain, and if Obama loses, it'll be his fault.

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