Friday, May 16, 2008


Did somebody switch New York tabloids on me when I was sleeping? Or did they somehow revert to the positions they held on the political spectrum a couple of generations ago? Here are the front pages of New York's two big tabloids:

The putative Democratic nominee for president is being charged with weakness, wimpiness, and threatening the security of the United States and Murdoch doesn't think it's front-page-worthy? That's kind of a change.

And which paper has the boldface headline "Why Terror Thugs Like Barack" featured prominently on its home page right now? Not the Post. It's a link to a News opinion column by Michael Goodwin (full title: "Middle Name Hussein Is Only One Reason Terror Thugs Like Barack Obama").

The Post has just refreshed its home page as I've been typing, with this:

That almost seems to be dignifying him, and the AP story to which it links hasn't had its headline rewritten for maximum partisan impact.

The News home page still has this:

As I said earlier in the week, I think Murdoch thinks Obama can win, and so he doesn't want to hit him too hard, purely for business reasons.


(Nevertheless, I'm still pleased that Cablevision rather than Murdoch is purchasing Newsday.)

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