Friday, May 30, 2008


Can't right-wing pundits and bloggers at least pretend that they're not following marching orders (probably Blackberried over from to hammer away at certain phrases? Especially when the phrases have, outside of Wingnuttia, exactly zero resonance?

Here's a clue for you all, especially Malkin and Fund: People paid attention to Dan Quayle's many, many gaffes (not just "potatoe") because Quayle seemed lazy, incurious, and stupid. Barack Obama, by contrast, is obviously not a glazed-eyed legacy demanding a gentleman's C for next to no work. We can see he's sharp-witted. So his slips of the tongue have less impact -- and what are called errors traceable to inexperience are generally statements Obama is quite willing to defend, thoughtfully and intelligently.

Oh, what the hell -- keep trying to score points with this line. Why should I try to prevent you from wasting your time?

(Sources: WSJ; Malkin; Standard; Limbaugh; TigerHawk.)

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