Monday, May 12, 2008


Yes, Bob Novak says that Mike Huckabee secretly doesn't want McCain to win and thinks Obama's election is destined by God (see my previous post) -- but now U.S. News says Huck is at the top of McCain's VP list.

Oh, I sure hope so.

Huckabee would definitely help McCain win states like West Virginia and Kentucky. He'd also assure that McCain doesn't have a chance of winning larger states McCain plans to contest, like New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

See, those states are full of swing-voting soccer moms and dads who might be receptive to McCain -- unless he picks a running mate who doesn't believe in evolution, which those soccer parents actually want their kids to learn. (They teach evolution at the Catholic schools that many of Hillary Clinton's voters in Philly attended, too.)

Also, Huckabee has actually preached at John Hagee's church and called him "one of the great Christian leaders of our nation." What's more, he has very close ties to the equally loopy religious-right leader Bill Gothard, who has denounced the evils of Cabbage Patch dolls and who thinks the beat of rock music is "evil in any form" (do you think Hillary's drinking partners chill out by listening to Bach vespers?) -- oh, and the shooter in last year's Colorado Springs multiple murder was homeschooled following a Gothard teaching plan.

Right Wing Watch notes that Huckabee is vehemently denying Novak's report:

...Where do people dream up this stuff? Forget the "anonymous" sources -- there's nothing anonymous about my stand and here it is. We don't "deserve" Obama -- we DESERVE a President with the character, convictions, experience, and wisdom to see the problems we face and try to lead us to solve them. We deserve a President who truly loves this country and from whom there is no doubt as to his respect for Faith, Family, and the kind of Freedom that those before us have given their lives to pass on to us. John McCain meets that criteria [sic] and that’s why I am campaigning for him and not hoping for Obama. The nonsense that I want Obama to win this year so I can run in 2012 is absurd....

Does this mean he wants the #2 slot? Does this mean he might really get it?

Could we be that lucky?

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