Friday, May 02, 2008


Steve Benen noted yesterday that Ben Stein, the economist/GOP operative/actor/game-show host who narrates the new anti-evolution documentary Expelled, recently had this exchange in an interview with Paul Crouch Jr. of the Trinity Broadcasting Network:

Stein: When we just saw that man, I think it was Mr. Myers [i.e. biologist P.Z. Myers], talking about how great scientists were, I was thinking to myself the last time any of my relatives saw scientists telling them what to do they were telling them to go to the showers to get gassed ... that was horrifying beyond words, and that's where science -- in my opinion, this is just an opinion -- that’s where science leads you.

Crouch: That's right.

Stein: ...Love of God and compassion and empathy leads you to a very glorious place, and science leads you to killing people.

Crouch: Good word, good word.

Steve says:

I vaguely recall the point, not too long ago, when Stein was considered something of a mainstream figure at the intersection of politics and entertainment. He'd show up on Fox News, and then make a cameo on "Married with Children."

I'd just like to point out, for those of you who aren't aware, that Stein's mainstream news presence isn't limited to Fox. Stein writes a regular column for the business section of the Sunday New York Times.

So if you're writing to the Times asking why, say, William Kristol has a job there, you might also want to ask why a guy who thinks scientific truth is evil gets a steady Times paycheck.

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