Wednesday, April 23, 2008


The argument of the Clinton campaign is that she'd be the tougher opponent against John McCain. That's meant demographically (she'd run better than Obama with traditional Democratic voters), but also stylistically (Obama's a wuss, while, bruiser that she is, Clinton would maul McCain).

I think the first argument is a wash (Obama loses traditional Dems but gains crossovers and new voters). But as the for the second?

I'm thinking: Show me.

I'd like Hillary Clinton to really show how tough she is -- by turning that toughness on McCain, right now.

We know that, even with a money deficit, Clinton can bruise Obama with attack ads and harsh, provocative talking points. So I want to see her do it to Saint John.

In other words, Hillary (and Bill): Use your talents for good. You really know how to hit below the belt, so hit John McCain below the belt, immediately. Make him the subject of your next does-this-go-too-far? attack ad. Frame him in a way that significantly tarnishes his image.

That is the promise, right? That in a fight you know is going to be down and dirty, you're the ones who can not only take the low blows but dish them out?

Well dish some out now. And maybe then I'll start thinking you really would be the better party standard-bearer.

I see that Obama plans to shift his emphasis to McCain. I know he and I want to pull oars in the same direction. Please show me that you do, too.

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