Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I wish this were an April Fool's joke, but it appears that the guy responsible for the painfully chirpy campaign song "Hillary4U&Me" is back, and probably making his kids cringe even more than before:

Gene Wang, a three-time Silicon Valley chief executive and musically inclined Hillary Clinton supporter, has penned another pro-Clinton ditty.... a jazzy rap tune called "Hillary in the House" (here's the MP3).

Wait, it gets worse.

It begins with the line, "Hey pretty mama, don't you vote for Obama."


Actually, the song lacks the insufferable peppiness of the first effort, which helps, but it's hip-hop as interpreted by a middle-aged guy who's clearly never actually listened to hip-hop for pleasure (and hasn't really heard any since, oh, about 1985). And the brief detour into deep-bass singing a la "12:45" in the Spinners' "Games People Play" is, well, just embarrassing.

Wang's an impressive guy -- he helped develop the C++ programming language, introduced virus protection "live update" at Symantec, and founded a company that developed surgical robots. As a musician, well, he's a great scientist. If you disagree, CD Baby has his CD (By the way, it has a pre-Hillary version of "Hillary4U&Me" called "MVP is H-O-T." Yes, you can actually pay to listen to that song.)

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