Thursday, April 03, 2008


I find the Clintons exasperating right now, but it's still a fact that supposedly intelligent people turn themselves into gibbering idiots trying to describe how evil they are. Today we have Vanity Fair's Sally Bedell Smith with a piece in the Financial Times (also available here) that, among other things, demonstrates sick evil Hillary's sick twisted evilness by ... going back to her earliest years:

For decades Mrs Clinton has thought of herself as a woman of destiny. Even as a little girl she would stand "in a patch of sunlight" pretending "there were heavenly movie cameras watching my every move".

My God -- can you imagine? A very young child who fantasizes about being special? SHE MUST BE SATAN'S HELLSPAWN!!!!

(I guess all those times I played baseball as a kid with a play-by-play track running through my head were evidence of my evilness, too.)

And I also like this:

To reach her goals, she long ago learnt to embrace any tactic, however destructive. As her mother noted, Hillary does "everything she has to do to get along and get ahead".

Yes, I'm sure that when her own mother said she does "everything she has to do to get along and get ahead," that's how she meant it -- that she "embrace[s] any tactic, however destructive."

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