Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well, I should have known this was coming. From a blog that's on our side:

Obama took seven, count 'em, seven of Pennsylvania's 50-odd counties. If I'm the Clinton campaign, I'm asking superdelegates as well as convention rules committees to take a closer look at even states Obama has won hands down for the county breakdown. My sense is, if you broke the entire nation down, county-by-county, Hillary wins the lion's share of the counties across the nation.

Oh yes, let's do that. Let's reexamine the race by counties -- regardless of population.

And after we've done that, we can all get down on our knees before the Republicans and beg their forgiveness, given the fact that, in order to be consistent in following this new standard, we're obliged to acknowledge that Bush won the 2000 race in a landslide, as Republicans greatly enjoyed arguing at the time.

Yes, let's concede that point. In fact, let's propose replacing a state-by-state Electoral College with a county-by-county one. That ought to work out beautifully for the Democratic Party going forward.

At least, as far as I know, the people who are actually connected to the Clinton campaign haven't said anything like this -- yet.

If they do, please shoot me.

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