Wednesday, April 02, 2008


Apart from the blatant hypocrisy of criticizing Barack Obama for not wearing a flag lapel pin while not wearing one himself, Karl Rove, in his GQ interview, has a curious way of going on the attack:

Obama is coolly detached and very arrogant.... [He] doesn't do his homework....

Take a look at the footage. Turn the sound off and look at it. You can tell that he is arrogant, and you can tell that he's a little bit angry, and you can tell he's very dismissive. He takes his hands and he sort of, you know, waves his hand like, "I'm dismissing something." ...

Arrogant? Doesn't do homework? Angry? Dismissive?

Hey, Karl, you have the gall to criticize someone that way after you foisted George W. Bush on the world?

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