Saturday, October 21, 2006


Unborn Word Alliance proudly presents the book Unborn Jesus Our Hope, by George A. Peate, and published by Life Cycle Books, Toronto.

Yup, a new wrinkle on Christianity -- this guy is arguing that the importance of Jesus is that before he was born he was unborn, and therefore ... something. I'm not sure.

Unborn Jesus is the way! In the hiddenness of His mother's womb Unborn Jesus is already on His mission to save fallen humanity. This is the unspoken gospel before the Gospel preached by our Savior during His public ministry -- a hidden unnoticed gospel, but a gospel nonetheless. Do not disdain this unspoken gospel as many disdain the unspoken stories of unborn children today.

I can't tell what the "hidden unnoticed gospel" tells us, about Jesus or anything else, though we are reminded that at one point during Mary's pregnancy Jesus kicked in the womb. How unusual! How almost certainly significant!

Oh, and don't forget -- being born is something you do when you're unborn:

For until He is born, He remains yet unborn. Before being born He is still unseen, unheard, untouched and unknown: Unborn Jesus.

I get the feeling that it's somewhat of a disappointment to Mr. Peate that there was a "born" part of Jesus' life at all.

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