Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Notice anything odd about this ad at the Club for Growth's blog?

It's trying to get right-wing voters scared at the prospect of a Democratic takeover of the House -- but notice that when Charlie Rangel appears, and when John Conyers appears, there's a specific factoid attached. But when the Nancy Pelosi is on screen, there's nothing -- just, in effect, "Omigod, she could become Speaker! AIIIIIEEEEE!!!"

Same with the illustration accompanying this Family Research Council blog post -- which is not even about the elections at all. The post is accompanied by a Photoshopped Nancy Pelosi as the movie Wicked Witch of the West, with green skin.

I find this creepy and misogynistic. The message seems to be: Democratic men are evil because of what they do, but Pelosi is evil just because she's -- eeeeuuuuuwww! -- a Democratic woman.

Republicans love Condi (and loved Jeane Kirkpatrick and Margaret Thatcher), so it isn't power in a woman that gives them the squirmies. It's Democratic power in a woman. A powerful female Democrat is, in their eyes, a dangerous, freakish monster.

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