Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Excerpt from righty blogger Allahpundit's liveblogging of the crash of a small plane into a Manhattan high-rise:

Update: The local news stations are covering this wall to wall. It’s like a vet with PTSD flipping out at the sound of a car backfiring.

Excuse me -- where the hell did that come from?

It comes in the midst of a post that's actually quite reasonable -- no leaping to conclusions about terrorism, but, instead, pretty much the facts as he learned them. (Admirable restraint for a guy who guest-blogs for Michelle Malkin.)

So why the hissyfit? Allahpundit's right-wing buddies are always telling us that those of us who don't support George W. Bush have "forgotten" 9/11. To these right-wingers anyone who questions the right-wing appropriation of 9/11 is guilty of amnesia, even New Yorkers.

Then a plane flies into a building here and we take it seriously here -- and Allahpundit thinks that's irrational.

Well, screw him. Yes, we remember.

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