Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Inappropriate prosecution, according to Christian conservatives:

....In a case from Warren County, [Ohio,] Michael Carswell says that he shouldn't be charged with felony domestic violence against his girlfriend because state law conflicts with the constitution.

Citizens for Community Values, which led the campaign to pass the gay-marriage ban, filed a brief supporting Carswell.

The ban prohibits state or local government from recognizing a legal status for relationships that approximate marriage....

While some appellate courts have rejected this argument, the 2nd and 3rd districts, which include six counties in the Miami Valley and 17 northwest Ohio counties, ruled the domestic-violence law unconstitutional.

The Ohio Supreme Court will hear the Carswell case in December.

Meanwhile, domestic-violence cases involving unmarried partners in the Dayton area are being charged under misdemeanor assault or other laws. Repeat domestic violence is a felony, which carries a longer sentence, and the law lets victims get protective orders....

Inadequate prosecution, according to Christian conservatives:

A spokesman for a family-advocacy group in Washington, DC, is expressing disgust with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice's swearing in of an openly homosexual man as global AIDS coordinator -- and in particular, with comments she made at the ceremony....

The ceremony involved Secretary of State Rice and the swearing in of Mark Dybul, an open homosexual, as the nation's new global AIDS coordinator.... An Associated Press photo of the ceremony also shows a smiling First Lady Laura Bush and Dybul's homosexual "partner," Jason Claire. During her comments, Rice referred to the presence of Claire's mother and called her Dybul's "mother-in-law," a term normally reserved for the heterosexuals who have been legally married....

Peter Sprigg, vice president for policy at the Family Research Council, ... notes that Rice's comments defy an existing law on the books protecting traditional marriage. "So, for her to treat his partner like a spouse and treat the partner's mother as a mother-in-law, which implies a marriage between the two partners, is a violation of the spirit if not the letter of the Defense of Marriage Act," the FRC spokesman states....

Repeat girlfriend-beater? Let him go with time served! Condi? Throw the book at her! No gay marriage is the prime directive!!!

By the way, Citizens for Community Values is run by Phil Burress, a top backer of Ohio secretary of state and GOP gubernatorial candidate Kenneth Blackwell.

As for Peter Sprigg of the Family Research Council, while talking about that swearing-in ceremony he also said this:

"We have to face the fact that putting a homosexual in charge of AIDS policy is a bit like putting the fox in charge of the henhouse."


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