Monday, October 30, 2006

Could the campaign desk at The New York Times be any more blatant?

Bush Shows Potency in Rallying the Faithful

WASHINGTON, Oct. 29 -- For all the talk about the political baggage that President Bush carries this year, his stop in Indiana on Saturday showed that he could still turn on -- and, White House strategists say, turn out -- the most faithful party voters.

Women screamed his name, men chanted "U.S.A.," and no one doubted that the 4,000 people packed into a high school gymnasium for a rally in Sellersburg were primed to urge friends and neighbors to vote on Nov. 7 for Representative Mike Sodrel, who won his seat by just 1,300 votes two years ago.

The scene will repeat itself over and over before Nov. 7, as President Bush plunges into a blitz of rallies for embattled candidates....

(Emphasis mine, as if you needed it.)

And in case you didn't get the message, the story is accompanied by this photo:

Who's your daddy?

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