Friday, October 06, 2006


Yesterday I meant to talk about an NPR story about this week's Bush campaign tour. Morning Edition co-host Deborah Amos talked to White House reporter David Greene:

AMOS: This was the president's first trip since the Foley scandal broke. So what was the mood on Air Force One this week?

GREENE: Well, there seemed to be a real sense among the president's staff that the Foley affair was just consuming Washington for the duration of Mr. Bush's trip. He was in Nevada, he was in California, Arizona, Colorado, and most of the questions reporters were asking on the trip were about Foley. I think there was some frustration that Mr. Bush's message -- talking tough on terrorism and accusing Democrats of being weak on national security -- just wasn't making it into the news at all.

Oh, boo hoo. Poor babies. They can't get anyone to report on Bush saying exactly what he's said in his previous two or three dozen speeches. The new speeches aren't going on page one as if they're somehow different from the old speeches. It's not fair! Reporters aren't doing what they're supposed to do! They're not being stenographers!



UPDATE: More about the Bushies' desperate craving for attention here. The anecdote at the end is priceless.

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