Monday, October 16, 2006

If this UPI story is true, it's kind of outrageous:

Foley's rehab paid for by taxpayers

The U.S. House of Representatives clerk's office says ex-Rep. Mark Foley's alcohol rehabilitation program is being paid for by a taxpayer funded medical plan.

Salley Collins, a spokeswoman for the clerk's office, said the Florida Republican is covered by a "temporary continuation of coverage" program that is available to federal employees who leave or resign their positions, Capitol Hill Blue reported Monday.

"Most, if not all (lawmakers), have some coverage as far as rehabilitation for drug and alcohol," Collins said....

It's not that he's taking advantage of his COBRA benefits -- it's that this alcoholism story is clearly a lie. The cost of this is spread out over 300 million citizens, so my share is a tiny fraction of a penny out of my pocket, but medical fraud is medical fraud. Did a doctor actually sign off on this? If so, that doctor should lose his or her license.

(Via Democratic Underground.)


UPDATE: As Julia says in comments, if we're paying for his rehab, it looks as if we're not paying for much rehab.

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