Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Why did we reelect Bush? Oh, yeah -- because he was going to keep us safer:

Budget cuts FDA safety checks

The Food and Drug Administration's proposed budget for next year includes cuts to nearly all its inspection programs, from checks on imported food to reviews of overseas plants that make prescription drugs bound for the USA.

If Congress approves, the number of domestic food safety inspections made next year would fall by 5%, foreign drug plant inspections would drop 5.8% and checks on the nation's blood banks would be cut 4.7%, compared with estimated 2005 inspections....

The proposed cuts come amid criticism the FDA failed to inspect often enough a long-troubled British vaccine plant that the United States had counted on for half of its flu vaccine supply....

--USA Today

Er, isn't this odd, considering that the Bushies are always fretting over the possibility that we could die if we continue importing drugs from that lawless rogue nation Canada, where life is cheap?

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