Thursday, February 10, 2005

The bodies of more than 20 Iraqi drivers and security forces from a convoy of government trucks carrying sugar were found on Thursday south of Baghdad, police said.

The drivers had all been burned in their vehicles. Police said they believed the convoy was attacked at least two days ago but the bodies were left to rot.


At least 10 Iraqi policemen were killed in a gun battle with insurgents south of Baghdad on Thursday, police sources said.


A car bomb detonated by remote control exploded Thursday in Baghdad, killing two Iraqis but missing a U.S. military convoy....

Gunmen fired on an Iraqi police patrol Thursday in Baqouba, north of Baghdad, triggering a gunbattle that killed a civilian and wounded two police officers, officials said. Assailants also killed a police lieutenant in Baqouba.

Five bodies in Iraqi National Guard uniforms were found Thursday in the insurgent stronghold of Ramadi, 70 miles west of Baghdad....

A strong explosion shook the Rahmaniyah neighborhood of western Baghdad late Thursday, and residents said the blast occurred near a small Shiite mosque. Witnesses said there were casualties but police had no report.

A videotape obtained Thursday by Associated Press Television News showed gunmen killing four blindfolded men who identified themselves as Iraqi policemen....

Elsewhere, a body was found riddled with bullets in Mosul, and in the northern oil center of Kirkuk, a roadside bomb exploded several minutes after a U.S. military patrol passed, killing one Iraqi, police said. In Baghdad, gunmen shot to death a hospital receptionist. ...




I post these items because they happened, they would seem to be perfectly comprehensible, and yet it seems as if we can't take them in because they run contrary to consensus reality, which is that Iraqis issued a stinging rebuke to terror on election day and now it's all over but the shouting for evildoers in Iraq.

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