Friday, February 25, 2005

So, in addition to the insurgent violence, we have this in Iraq:

Revenge killings of members of Saddam's former regime rise

Shiite Muslim assassins are killing former members of Saddam Hussein's mostly Sunni Muslim regime at will and with impunity in a parallel conflict that some observers fear could snowball into civil war....

The killings have intensified since January's Shiite electoral victory, and U.S. and Iraqi officials worry that they could imperil progress toward a unified, democratic Iraq.

"It's the beginning, and we could go down the slippery slope very quickly," said Sabah Kadhim, a spokesman for the Interior Ministry. "We've been so concerned with removing terrorists and Islamists that this other situation has reared its ugly head. Both sides are sharpening their knives."

... While Shiite politicians turn a blind eye, assassins are working their way through a hit list of Saddam's former security and intelligence personnel, according to Iraqi authorities, Sunni politicians and interviews with the families of those who've been targeted.

Former Baathists have responded in kind, this month killing several Shiites allied with major political factions....

Look, I'm not shedding tears for high-level Saddam-era Baathist officials. But I'm not going to act like a right-wing blooger -- I'm not going to raise a whoo-whoo cheer for "frontier justice" if it's leading to civil war.

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