Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The campaign against Social Security is going so badly that longtime critics of President Bush, accustomed to seeing their efforts to point out flaws in administration initiatives brushed aside, are pinching themselves. But they shouldn't relax: if the past is any guide, the Bush administration will soon change the subject back to national security.

...I don't know which foreign threat the administration will start playing up this time, but Bush critics should be prepared for the shift.

... a president can always change the subject to national security if he wants to - and Mr. Bush has repeatedly shown himself willing to play the terrorism card when he is losing the debate on other issues....

--Paul Krugman in today's New York Times

Federal prosecutors today unveiled sweeping terrorism charges against a Virginia man, accusing him of plotting to assassinate President Bush and trying to establish an al Qaeda cell in the United States.

...A U.S. citizen who grew up in Falls Church, Abu Ali had been detained in a Saudi prison for 20 months before being flown back to the United States yesterday....

--Washington Post today

Just a coincidence, I'm sure.

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