Thursday, February 03, 2005

As long as the Rude Pundit and Atrios are pointing out what hypocrites Republicans are for complaining about the momentary booing at the State of the Union last night, let me add this from a Mary McGrory column about the 1993 State of the Union:

The high point of the evening was when a dialogue did occur. President Clinton was rattling off figures about future budgets, "using the independent numbers of the Congressional Budget Office."

The Republicans began to snicker and jeer. The CBO, source of numbers they love to hate, is a favorite villain. Clinton paused and then, unexpectedly, miraculously, replied: "Well, you can laugh, my fellow Republicans, but I'll point out that the Congressional Budget Office was normally more conservative in what was going to happen and closer to right than previous presidents have been."

(Emphasis mine. And yeah, Freudian slip or not, he said "my fellow Republicans.")

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