Thursday, February 10, 2005

More evidence that Roy Moore could be Alabama's next governor, from the Mobile Register:

Despite speculation that Constitution Party ties might hurt his chances with the GOP, former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore would likely be accepted onto the Republican ballot if he runs for office, according to several GOP leaders.

Moore, who has been linked to the Constitution Party, has said he is considering a bid for governor in 2006 and that he would probably run as a Republican....

If Moore were to seek the GOP's 2006 gubernatorial nod, he'd most likely face Gov. Bob Riley. The incumbent has not officially announced plans to seek a second term but most observers believe he will run for re-election....

Apparently, that party-loyalty thing is ordinarily a big hurdle, but Moore has cleared it with ease where others have failed:

Leaders of the Constitution Party had wanted Moore to be their presidential candidate. He turned them down, but appeared several times last year with the third-party's nominee, Michael A. Peroutka. Peroutka advocated outlawing abortion, abolishing the Internal Revenue Service and making America a Bible-based republic.

The Republican Party booted Mobile radio host and Moore supporter Kelly McGinley from its primary ballot last April. She wanted to run for the state school board. Party officials said McGinley had endorsed the Constitution Party and had resigned from a local Republican committee.

So, let's sum up: For the Alabama GOP, planning an intraparty challenge against the sitting governor isn't a problem. Violating the Constitution of the United States with a big granite Ten Commandments monument isn't a problem. Campaigning for someone who advocates turning America into a theocracy isn't a problem -- at least not anymore.

Scary state, Alabama.

Oh, and Moore has a book coming out soon:

Moore has not indicated publicly if he will seek office in the 2006 election cycle. He has said any announcement would come sometime after his book, "So Help Me God," is released on March 1....

Here's the Amazon page for the book.

Think this guy might show up on a radio show or two? Think he might perhaps wangle an appearance on, say, Fox News? Oh, this could be a big book tour. When So Help Me God makes the New York Times bestseller list, don't say I didn't warn you.

(The publisher, Broadman & Holman, is not one of the big guns, admittedly, and is mostly, you won't be surprised to learn, a religious publisher, but it's had a couple of Times bestsellers -- an Ollie North novel and a biography of the golfer Payne Stewart.)

(Story via Democratic Underground.)

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