Thursday, October 07, 2004

Yes, but our pals the Iraqis are still happy we invaded, despite the Duelfer report, right?

"The results of the report confirm that there was no justification for invading and destroying Iraq the way they did, and the report would only increase hatred of Iraqis against America and gives the resistance more enthusiasm and justification to escalate the resistance campaign against occupation," said Mohamed Hussein, a writer.

"It is time now that the world would say to America 'that's enough, stop what you're doing to Iraq and its people," said Mohamed Al Imam, a cloths shop owner.

"Saddam was a tyrant, but we didn't see in his era this killing and destruction," he added.

"Leave Iraq, for you had enough hatred of the Arabs and Muslims against the American administration," he said....

"After the issuing of this report, Iraq has the right to prosecute the United States and hold it responsible for the destruction in Iraq because of the occupation," said Waleed AlZubaidy, a political analyst....

"The whole world, including America, was safer before the occupation than it is now," Abbass Al Hamdani, a school teacher, said.

"The ulterior reason for the United States to invade Iraq was not the WMD. Washington planned to occupy Iraq for other reasons," said Saadi Al Ani, a colleague of Hamdani....



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