Monday, October 25, 2004

I just want to remind poll obsessives that from October 27 through November 6, 2000 (the day before the election), not one poll of the many recorded by Polling Report showed Gore in the lead. In fact, from October 7 on, Gore never registered a lead larger than 3% in any poll, while 27 polls showed Bush with a lead of 6 points or better -- and sometimes that Bush lead was in double digits (Bush led by 13 in the Gallup poll on October 26, as I've noted earlier).

For what it's worth, the new TIPP poll has Bush with a 7-point lead -- but in Rasmussen's tracking poll, Kerry has his first lead since August 23.

UPDATE: Kerry passes Bush for the first time in the Washington Post tracking poll. It's 49%-48% Kerry; he's turned a 6-point deficit into a 1-point lead in four days. Undecideds breaking for the challenger?

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